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A Singletrack Mind, the Pinnacle of Mountain Bike Skills Coaching.


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A Singletrack Mind Represents the Pinnacle of Mountain Bike Skills Coaching.

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The highest level of coaching certification. IMBA ICP,1,2,3, Betterride, NASM,3000 + hrs pro coaching.

The philosophy behind A SINGLETRACK MIND, is to blend the mental and physical components of mountain biking so that they flow together to make a more fluid, focused and accomplished riding experience. In other words, we help make your time on the MTB trail more fun!

Learn from a Professional Certified Mountain Bike Skills Coach »

Join us and find out how much fun mountain biking can be »

THE SLUMP and roll

Sep 06, 2016

Regardless of how strong and fit you are there is a pretty good chance your form and posture is less than optimal when on your bike. As you are reading this are your shoulders rolling forward, back rounded, core completely un-engaged? If so, sit up, lengthen your spine and roll your shoulders back. Good job.  […]

Getting Wired…

Jul 28, 2016

Dylan Renn in the News: Wired Magazine’s Dirt Dog Series Here on the A Singletrack Mind blog, we try to give you valuable tips, interesting information and news about our clinics to give you insight into our coaching, our passion for mountain biking and what we can do for you. Today, we take a glimpse […]

Out the airplane window what do you see?

Jul 05, 2016

Have you ever been on a flight across the country and looked out your window and wondered, hmmm is there a singletrack way way down there that is ripping? I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent 8 plus years coaching in these random towns we  may just get a peak from a window seat. Some […]

Foam Roller: Fit it in!

Jun 01, 2016

Your bike is ready but are you? Tight hamstrings, stiff back, tense shoulders, and mediocre core strength. Does any of this sound familiar? It is no surprise many cyclists have aching bodies. It is a sport that utilizes most of the bio-mechanics of the body. Arms are alert when holding onto the grip, legs are […]

Ride into your Flow State

Feb 01, 2016

Refine your Mountain Bike skill set and optimize your riding experience. Here we will share a few MTB Tips and techniques that you can’t miss out on when on the trail. MTB TIP: Ride with a focused mind and a relaxed body to both learn and improve. There is always room to expand your skill set […]

The value of PROGRESSION

Jan 19, 2016

Riding fast is a skill that can be accomplished by many cyclists, but riding fast without failure on technical terrain is something that happens with refined skills and progressive training. Establishing the essential building blocks of mountain biking is the solution to riding with greater efficiency, power and success. Sure you want to clear that […]


Nov 11, 2015

What people are saying about A Singletrack Mind mountain bike skills clinics: “Grateful to Dylan Renn for his women’s mt bike workshop I took last month. Dylan–your biking words of wisdom were running through my head all weekend in Ashland: “Look beyond the obstacle” “bend your elbows, cowboy up legs, ready position” and “first rule–have […]

Coach Bio

Jan 13, 2012

Dylan Renn – Mountain Bike Skills Coach   CERTIFICATIONS: •IMBA ICP level 1, 2, and 3 (International Mountain Bike Association Instructor Training) •BETTERRIDE coaching certification •NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) •NASM-MENTAL SKILLS training certification •CPR/FIRST AID, WFA •UBI mechanic and UBI advanced wheel builder. •3000 plus professional coaching hrs •15 years professional racing •HEAD MTB […]