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A Singletrack Mind, the Pinnacle of Mountain Bike Skills Coaching.


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A Singletrack Mind Represents the Pinnacle of Mountain Bike Skills Coaching.

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Why A Singletrack Mind

Why A Singletrack Mind

The highest level of coaching certification. IMBA ICP-1,2,3, Betterride, NASM Mental skills, Wilderness First Responder, 3500 + hrs pro coaching.

The philosophy behind A SINGLETRACK MIND, is to blend the mental and physical components of mountain biking so that they flow together to make a more fluid, focused and accomplished riding experience.

In other words, we help make your time on the MTB trail more fun!

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Riding after the Rain

Mar 02, 2017

Tackling the Trails and getting time to ride with the winter we have had has not been the easiest of years. Its been great for our snow sports and optimal for the drought but trickier for trail time. Although,when you can swing it rain, snow or shine there is something to be said about the […]

How and where do you want to ride in 2017?

Jan 10, 2017

“It’s better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than at the top of the one you don’t.” ~ Stephen Kellogg Regardless of your present riding ability there is always a skill or something revolving around your time on the bike that you could refine. Setting a goal is not […]

Tis the season to give the gift to shred! GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE

Dec 13, 2016

Gift Certificate We will throw in a free shirt or hat with a gift certificate purchase when purchased before the new year! Specify your preference by shooting us an email or call!    

THE SLUMP and roll

Sep 06, 2016

Regardless of how strong and fit you are there is a pretty good chance your form and posture is less than optimal when on your bike. As you are reading this are your shoulders rolling forward, back rounded, core completely un-engaged? If so, sit up, lengthen your spine and roll your shoulders back. Good job.  […]

Getting Wired…

Jul 28, 2016

Dylan Renn in the News: Wired Magazine’s Dirt Dog Series Here on the A Singletrack Mind blog, we try to give you valuable tips, interesting information and news about our clinics to give you insight into our coaching, our passion for mountain biking and what we can do for you. Today, we take a glimpse […]


Jun 09, 2014