5 solid tips on how to mountain bike with more confidence

Eager to head to the trail? But weary of what the winter havoc has done to the terrain? Tree’s down, trails eroded, new rocks exposed. The winter weather has transformed a familiar singletrack you may have known so well now to a technical  knobby extravaganza. For some this can be the stoke they can’t wait to charge through, but for others this can be a road block  to their confidence on the bike.

Rolling down Sticks and Stones at Northstar






Regardless of how capable and skilled you may already be on your bike we all have moments when we could use a boost in confidence when on the trail. It could be the actual terrain that is deterring you, or your present mindset, or your current fitness level. Boosting your confidence is never a hindrance. Here are a few tips to build confidence on the bike.

1.MASTERY– Riders and athletes alike build confidence from mastering or improving a skill. This is where a coach can be helpful, a class and/or a mountain bike clinic.

2.PHYSICAL and MENTAL PREPAREDNESS – Be Fit and focused.- If your body is strong and mobile you are much more prepared to take on challenging terrain. Not to mention you feel better about yourself. The healthier and more fit you are is directly related to self confidence. Staying focused and mentally present is also incredibly important when taking on challenging terrain. Spacing out on a steep descent or a technical section can be detrimental.

3.RIDE MORE AND RIDE MORE OFTEN-For anything, the more you do, the better you become, the more confidence you will build.

4. RIDE WITH PEOPLE THAT CHALLENGE  AND SUPPORT YOU ( this does not mean ride with people that intimidate you and take you on challenging terrain just to show off and boost their own ego and leave you in the dust)

A SingleTrack Mind ready to roll down some steeps.5.INVEST IN GOOD BRAKES (and learn how, when and where to use them)




There are many more ways to boost your confidence out on the trail. Start by focusing on some of these and see how your confidence on the bike transforms.

A Great and inspiring read is Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life by Dan Millman.