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Weeeee….Pop a Wheelie

Oct 06, 2016

What gives me the biggest smile is watching my six year old daughter with such grit attempt again and again to pop a wheelie. And most recently is my two year old  mimicking everything her big sister is doing on and off the bike. Wheelie- Or in our technical mountain bike jargin “wheel lifts”.  Everybody […]

THE SLUMP and roll

Sep 06, 2016

Regardless of how strong and fit you are there is a pretty good chance your form and posture is less than optimal when on your bike. As you are reading this are your shoulders rolling forward, back rounded, core completely un-engaged? If so, sit up, lengthen your spine and roll your shoulders back. Good job.  […]

Even more fun on your bike!

Mar 31, 2016

Whats Right And whats wrong depends on what your doing.   Term Key : *BOS-Base of Support *COM-Center of Mass *LOG-Line of Gravity In the last installment of A Singletrack Minds Tips and Techniques we looked at some of the key points to Riding on the Offensive. Now, let’s look at how some of those […]

Your Body position affects how much fun you are having.

Mar 10, 2016

Your Body position affects how much fun you are having. Riding on the Offensive. For me the number one focus as a rider is what my next move is. I hear riders talking about being ready or staying in balance as their priority and what they feel is most important when on the bike. Which […]

Look beneath the surface

Mar 01, 2016

“ It’s not about being the best, it’s about being better than you were yesterday” Who doesn’t want a good deal, a special rate, something free? As we consider hiring a coach we undeniably consider the cost, the value and the importance. If we feel it is too expensive do we consider the cost in […]

Ride into your Flow State

Feb 01, 2016

Refine your Mountain Bike skill set and optimize your riding experience. Here we will share a few MTB Tips and techniques that you can’t miss out on when on the trail. MTB TIP: Ride with a focused mind and a relaxed body to both learn and improve. There is always room to expand your skill set […]

The value of PROGRESSION

Jan 19, 2016

Riding fast is a skill that can be accomplished by many cyclists, but riding fast without failure on technical terrain is something that happens with refined skills and progressive training. Establishing the essential building blocks of mountain biking is the solution to riding with greater efficiency, power and success. Sure you want to clear that […]

To Learn or Not to Learn…

Jan 06, 2016

“ In every sport a professional has a coach. If you want to get better get a coach. If you think you are the best, there is ALWAYS room to learn more” -Increased confidence on the bike -increased ability to ride challenging terrain -increase in social connections. Opens up the opportunity to ride with advanced […]

5 Mountain Bike Skills that will make you faster.

Dec 28, 2015

5 Mountain Bike Skills that will make you faster Or Lets go have some fun! Now learning new mountain bike skills doesn’t always mean you’re going to be riding faster but it does guarantee  you’re going to have more fun. Having fun is the most important part of why we ride bikes. True, sometimes more […]

Mountain bike skills you can learn…video

Dec 22, 2015

A Singletrack Mind Clinic Teaser   A sample of some of the mountain bike skills that  you can learn from A Singletrack Mind clinic   What you Get from A SingleTrack Mind on Vimeo.